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About Us

About Us

EcoMetal emerged from a remarkable journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the unique bond shared between two Swiss visionaries and a Congolese native. Together, they saw a potential that many overlooked, identifying an opportunity amidst challenges.

Recyclage des métaux


At EcoMetal, our mission is to lead in the global scrap metal market, providing superior service and competitive prices in developping countries.Our goal is to deliver value to our stakeholders while contributing to a greener planet.


EcoMetal envisions a world where scrap metal is fully integrated into the cycle of resource use, minimizing waste and environmental impact. We aim to be at the forefront of this revolution, transforming the global scrap metal market through innovative practices, sustainable recycling, and responsible trading. Our vision is to inspire industries worldwide to embrace recycling, driving both economic growth and environmental sustainability.

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Get in touch!

We welcome new opportunities with open arms! Our expertise extends to an array of areas, with a particular emphasis on non-ferrous metals. Whether you're seeking assistance in sourcing or selling any variety of scrap, we're here to help.

EcoMetal HQ

7 plateau de Frontenex

1208 Genève


+41 79 557 25 75


Thank you for reaching out.

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